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Questions We Get About All Types of Real Estate Firms!

We receive quite a few questions about our competition and other agents selling in the Katy area (and for that matter around the City of Houston). The questions come to us about services offered and what we can do for them that another agent can not...or will not do. We know that quite a few agents advertise FULL SERVICE FOR LESS!

It is difficult to tell what they mean by FULL SERVICE but sometimes the name will tell you that you are receiving limited services. If a firm name is asking the owner to sell the home (sale BY OWNER) or that it will ASSIST the owner, or they will HELP the owner sell...you should have a good idea about how much services you will receive.  

We feel strongly that clients receive the largest bottom line when they appeal to all buyers...from all the sources available! When firms have limited Internet capabilities, limited advertising budgets, no office tours, no virtual or visual tours, no office represented open houses, no home flyers or full house brochures, no ONLINE SELLER"S ADVANTAGE, and limited hours, you will likely stay longer on the market or be forced to price lower.

We recently had a home go up for sale in our neighborhood that listed for $65000 below value by a limited service agency. The home quickly sold for about $30000 OVER list price. The seller was very happy and felt the limited service agent had done a GREAT job. The seller still does not know that they could have made an additional $30-35000 on the property with a good full service broker. Even when paying any possible additional commissions the seller would have come out way ahead.

Part of the deception of some limited service brokers is the claim that they will sell the home for a very low commission. A recent example was a client who listed with us after interviewing our team and a limited service broker that promised to ASSIST them in selling the home for less. The promise in this case based on the ad they looked at was that the firm would sell the home for $2995. They had a very nice $200,000 home. They did not realise that they would still be paying the buyers agent 3%. They would also have to pay extra to put on ADD-ON's like a Visual Tour. When all was said and done the commission structure between the Limited service broker and the Full service broker (our team) was very small. When the client saw all the additional services they receive...and the best negotiating capabilities in the city (OK that is a brag...but we believe no one is better at getting you the best deal) they chose our team.

I often ask my clients...do you really want a sign in front of your home that says "we are a discount house" ....Rolex does not sell watches at Wal-Mart for a reason!!!

We feel very strongly that FULL SERVICE is NOT: putting the home in MLS, a Sign, and a Lock Box...it is a lot of work...but worth it for our clients!!!

Published Saturday, May 26, 2007 9:56 AM by Team Dever

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# re: Questions We Get About All Types of Real Estate Firms! @ Friday, June 1, 2007 11:04 AM

Great comments.  I have a home that is listed with our firm now that WAS listed with an Assist type firm.  They were listed for 35 days with that company and didn't have a single showing.  We've had it for about a week and had three or four showings already and we all know that you can't SELL a house if you don't SHOW a house!  The savings is pretty irrelevant if the goals are not acheived or the client leaves that much money on the table, like in your example!

Ron Tarvin

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